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Animorphs Podcasts Directory

Welcome to the Animorphs Podcasts Directory! A fan-run site dedicated to inventorying and publicizing every current and past Animorph fan show online. Scroll down to see many great shows, or learn more about the world of Animorph Podcasting!

  • The Yeerky Boys: An Animorphs Podcast

    The Yeerky Boys: An Animorphs Podcast

    Will, a lifelong Animorphs aficionado, and Jonathan, a lapsed fan, read through K.A. Applegate’s iconic series of books together to see how it holds up today. Over the course of the show, they’ll…

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  • Anidorks: An Animorph Podcast!!

    Anidorks: An Animorph Podcast!!

    Is Rachel stupidly brave or lovably impulsive? Are Taxxons unambiguously evil or just another victim of the anti-swarm agenda? Is a cockroach morph ever just a cockroach morph? Read along with three friends…

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  • Circle Yeerk: An Animorphs Podcast

    Circle Yeerk: An Animorphs Podcast

    We read and recap the cult favorite pre-teen book series Animorphs by KA Applegate. No hosts were harmed by yeerks during recording, even though Shani seems to remember nothing, ever.

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  • Podspeak


    A sci-fi book club where hosts Aram and Dylan discuss the entire Animorphs series, one book at a time.

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  • Middle Morph Millennials

    Middle Morph Millennials

    An Animorphs superfan drags her friends through the series!

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  • Thought-Speak


    Thought-Speak is a podcast dedicated to two adults diving back into a book series from their childhood and seeing what holds up. Going through the entire Animorphs saga, you can bet that they’ll…

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  • The Millennial Agenda

    The Millennial Agenda

    People think Millennials are out to ruin the world, he’s just trying to survive it. Join Josh Gunderson as he navigates life in the best way he knows how- with laughs and a…

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  • Sporadic Phantoms

    Sporadic Phantoms

    Follow environmentalist investigators Robin, Stevie, and Kyle as they look into a seemingly innocuous community organization called The Sharing- which they discover is linked with suspicious, environmentally destructive activities, and possibly something far…

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  • The Escafil Files

    The Escafil Files

    An Animorphs podcast and collaborative book club, The Escafil Files is a book analysis podcast where one die-hard fan and one newbie start yet another podcast about Animorphs, the children’s book series by…

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  • Centipedes and Slugs

    Centipedes and Slugs

    Join Maddie (a Yeerk sympathizer) and Lydia (a Taxxon enthusiast) as they explore each book in K.A. Applegate’s ANIMORPHS series. Do you like deep dive character analysis? We’ve got that. Do you like…

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  • Animorons


    An in-depth look at all things animorph. The beloved Young Adult novel series (and T.V Show) by K. A. Applegate. Tune in each episode for mockery, morphs, and of course, morons. Title image…

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  • Animorphing Time Podcast

    Animorphing Time Podcast

    a leftist animorphs podcast that would like more Taste, hosted by @batenoydand @ufirvwo, Black Lives Matter, no TERFs.

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  • An Animorphs Book Club Podcast

    An Animorphs Book Club Podcast

    Someone who read all the Animorphs books like ten years ago introduces them to a few friends.

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  • The Morph Report

    The Morph Report

    100 years after the Yeerk War, intrepid college students Cassandra, Erso, Parker, and Brad conduct their class discussions remotely while quarantined in their homes. Each week they read an Animorph’s Journal and analyze…

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  • Andalite Bandits

    Andalite Bandits

    Welcome to Andalite Bandits! A bi-weekly podcast where Austin and Beverly sit down and discuss each book in the Animorphs series.

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  • Animorphology


    “Each week we read a book from the 1990s middle-grade series The Animorphs and wax enthusiastic about the content, mull over the themes, and laugh at the ridiculous ’90s-isms. Ted and Jenny have…

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  • Animorphs Aloud

    Animorphs Aloud

    A non-profit fan production of the Scholastic book series, The Animorphs, complete with character voices and special effects!

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  • Animorphs Unabridged

    Animorphs Unabridged

    Dramatic reading audio performance of one of my favorite childhood book series.

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  • Jash Reads

    Jash Reads

    “I read books all the way through. Currently reading the Animorphs series. From time to time I put out reviews. Current Filming Schedule:Mondays = Animorphs Dramatic Readings. Wednesdays = Reviews. Fridays = Animorphs…

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  • Animorphous Discussion

    Animorphous Discussion

    In 1996, K.A. Applegate invaded our hearts with the first installment of the series Animorphs. Robin has loved the books ever since and decided to re-read all of them as an adult and…

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  • Animorphs Anonymous

    Animorphs Anonymous

    Kaycie a normal fan and Alex a rabid fan casually discuss the Animorphs one book at a time! Join us as we tackle the hard questions like why does Jake end up a…

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  • Animorphs Initiative

    Animorphs Initiative

    Animorphs Initiative is a homebrew styled Dungeons and Dragons type tabletop game. It is heavily based and inspired by Animorphs by K.A.Applegate published through Schoolastic Books, and the TV series of the same…

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  • Animorphs the Radio Drama Uncensored

    Animorphs the Radio Drama Uncensored

    Before podcasting even existed, Animorphs The Radio Drama Uncensored was a broadcast radio show out of KDUP in Portland Oregon. Follow along with three friends to read through a lot of the Animorphs…

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  • Audiomorphs


    Audiomorphs is the Animorphs podcast where I read every single book of the Animorphs. Out loud. A chapter at a time. Releases every Friday.

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  • Fandalite Academy

    Fandalite Academy

    “Welcome to the Fandalite Academy, your source for all the psychological and literary theory behind Animorphs that you neither wanted nor needed. We post episodes on alternate Sundays, so tune in once every…

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  • Fandalites


    Brent & Jenna’s weekly discussion of K. A. Applegate’s Animorphs series. New episodes every Friday!

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  • Fanimorphs The Dork-Bajir Chronicles

    Fanimorphs The Dork-Bajir Chronicles

    We’re a group of three friends talking about the YA series, Animorphs. One is a veteran of the series, one read it as a kid but can’t really remember, and the last one…

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  • Franimorphs


    The Earth is being invaded, but no one knows about it. When Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco stumble upon a downed alien spaceship and its dying pilot, they’re given an incredible power—they…

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  • Minds at Yeerk

    Minds at Yeerk

    Every other week, three people who read Animorphs as kids and one who didn’t read and discuss another book in the series.

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  • Morph Club

    Morph Club

    Two friends revisit the Animorphs! Join us while we laugh and cry about sad morphing teens and the horrible aliens who hate them.

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  • Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide

    Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide

    This fantastic review of the series is a must-watch!

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  • Project Animorphs

    Project Animorphs

    This is a fandub that is from the creator of Beyond the Stars: The Series. A new twist and take on the animorphs. Follow along in the audio series as it takes its…

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  • The Great Animorphs Reread
  • The Hindsight

    The Hindsight

    The Hindsight is a bi-monthly podcast, with new content released on the 1st and 15th of every month. Our first show will be available for download on October 1st, 2015. Your hosts, Hannah…

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  • The Sharing

    The Sharing

    Have you ever read Animorphs: the 90’s Scholastic children’s book series about kids turning into animals to fight aliens? Well neither did my friends, so I forced them to. Now we gonna talk…

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  • The Sulp-Niar Pool

    The Sulp-Niar Pool

    The Sulp-Niar Pool is a podcast for the semi-serious and in-depth discussion of the YA book series Animorphs. Join Andrew and Diana every other week as they read each book in the series,…

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  • The Wonder Yeerks

    The Wonder Yeerks

    The Wonder Yeerks is a show where three doofuses (Sara, Blair, and Satah) re-read the books, re-watch the show, and talk about how much we love our morphing children.

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