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  • The Yeerky Boys: An Animorphs Podcast

    The Yeerky Boys: An Animorphs Podcast

    Will, a lifelong Animorphs aficionado, and Jonathan, a lapsed fan, read through K.A. Applegate’s iconic series of books together to see how it holds up today. Over the course of the show, they’ll discuss each Animorphs book in detail, followed by its spin-offs, adaptations, and any other inane thoughts that enter into their rapidly deteriorating…

  • Anidorks: An Animorph Podcast!!

    Anidorks: An Animorph Podcast!!

    Is Rachel stupidly brave or lovably impulsive? Are Taxxons unambiguously evil or just another victim of the anti-swarm agenda? Is a cockroach morph ever just a cockroach morph? Read along with three friends as they go through the series and try to answer the Animorphs’ toughest questions.

  • Circle Yeerk: An Animorphs Podcast

    Circle Yeerk: An Animorphs Podcast

    We read and recap the cult favorite pre-teen book series Animorphs by KA Applegate. No hosts were harmed by yeerks during recording, even though Shani seems to remember nothing, ever.

  • Podspeak


    A sci-fi book club where hosts Aram and Dylan discuss the entire Animorphs series, one book at a time.

  • Middle Morph Millennials

    Middle Morph Millennials

    An Animorphs superfan drags her friends through the series!

  • Thought-Speak


    Thought-Speak is a podcast dedicated to two adults diving back into a book series from their childhood and seeing what holds up. Going through the entire Animorphs saga, you can bet that they’ll get way too in-depth with each book and tell you exactly whether you should find your old collection or leave it collecting…

  • The Millennial Agenda

    The Millennial Agenda

    People think Millennials are out to ruin the world, he’s just trying to survive it. Join Josh Gunderson as he navigates life in the best way he knows how- with laughs and a bottle of wine. New episode every Monday. Animorphs Editions each Friday!

  • Sporadic Phantoms

    Sporadic Phantoms

    Follow environmentalist investigators Robin, Stevie, and Kyle as they look into a seemingly innocuous community organization called The Sharing- which they discover is linked with suspicious, environmentally destructive activities, and possibly something far more sinister.

  • The Escafil Files

    The Escafil Files

    An Animorphs podcast and collaborative book club, The Escafil Files is a book analysis podcast where one die-hard fan and one newbie start yet another podcast about Animorphs, the children’s book series by K.A. Applegate. We will be making our way through the books one by one, analyzing the themes and how they stand up…

  • Centipedes and Slugs

    Centipedes and Slugs

    Join Maddie (a Yeerk sympathizer) and Lydia (a Taxxon enthusiast) as they explore each book in K.A. Applegate’s ANIMORPHS series. Do you like deep dive character analysis? We’ve got that. Do you like learning cool, weird, and downright horrifying things about animals and nature? We’ve got that too.